on the yacht racing course
On the yacht racing course

On the Race Course with Who Dares Wins

Each days Course is determined by the Regatta Race Officer who briefs the Skipper of each Yacht, just prior to the start. The wind direction and strength is known, so the After Guard, usually Skipper, Helm, Navigator, Tactician will determine their preferred approach to each mark of the Course and the maneuvers most likely required, if the Weather conditions ... do not change.

The crew would then be briefed and can then focus on their role, during each stage of the course, usually involving the following:

The pre-start and Start

Beat to the Windward Mark

Rounding the Windward Mark and setting the Spinnaker

Spinnaker Gybing

Rounding the Leeward Mark, Spinnaker Drop and Headsail Hoist

Tacking to the Finish Line

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