Getting ready for yacht racing
Getting ready for yacht racing

Before leaving for the Start Line

Getting the Boat and the Crew ready, without any last minute panic, is always a good idea. The core Crew will want to ensure the following preparations are made, as a minimum:


Check required provisions are on the Boat

Get all Crew to the Boat in good time

Allocate individual roles to each Crew

Conduct Safety briefing with all Crew

Boat Preparation

Remove Mainsail, Helm and Instrument covers.

Get starting Headsails on Foredeck

Place all Sheets and Deck equipment, in position

Start and check the main Engine

Course Preparation

Review Race Course instructions

Check Navigation Charts and set clearing bearings off Rocks

Check all Instruments and VHF are working properly

Fix closed the Protest Flag and fly Class insignia, as required

Check all lines are clear and cast off from the Mooring

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